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What to make with Knit fabric?

Teal and Magenta Knit Wrap Dresses on Craftsy!Knit fabrics are ideal for summer because they're comfortable, versatile, and easy to wear: All the things we tend to love during the hotter months. Today, I have a round up of sewing patterns using knit fabrics that will work for many different occasions. Sometimes you may want to whip up something quick so you can get out and enjoy the weather, and other times you may want to sew inside all day in the cool of the air conditioning! Either way, one of these projects is bound to suit your summer fancy!

Wrap dresses

Never underestimate a simple knit wrap dress! They are arguably the most multi-purpose style you can sew. Choose a sturdy double knit or a jersey knit with lots of drape, depending on the look you'd like to achieve. A wrap dress is truly "season-less" and is the perfect style for daytime/nighttime transitions.Palazzo Knit Pants Everyone should sew at least one!

(Left to right) Flared Dance Pants via NightLilyDesigns; Bohemian Palazzo Pants via Ori

Palazzo pants

Popular now for beach and dance-wear, palazzo pants have been comfortably chic since the 1920's! Cool, lightweight and flowy, these pants are definitely a summer staple. Sew one pair, and I bet you'll have a closet full before you know it! They're an easy style to learn and love.

Vintage Inspired Knit Tops

(Left to right) Vintage Wrap Top via RedPointTailor; Knit Pullover Top via Scheri Manson

Vintage-inspired tops

Experiment with the beautiful draping qualities of knits with the very vintage Dolman or "batwing" sleeve style top. You could also take advantage of the form-fitting, shaping properties of knits and show off your figure. Both styles are very different but still very feminine, and most definitely summery.

Bombshell swimsuit

Bombshell SwimsuitThis retro-inspired swimsuit style is all the rage. Classy and flattering on all sorts of figures, they don't call it the bombshell swimsuit for nothing!

(Left to right) Vintage-Inspired Truban via acommonthread; Stretch Beret via stitchypatterns

Knit hats

Vintage-style turbans and berets are as easy and fun to wear as they are to make. A little fabric goes a long way when you sew classic, versatile hats like these.


Make lovely boutique styles yourself when you sew gorgeous patterns like those available from OhhhLulu! Designer Sarah has a wide selection of lingerie patterns that could easily be made into swimwear as well. If you like small sewing projects and dainty knits, try sewing your own undergarments!

Slouchy cardigan

A nice lightweight cardigan makes a stylish coverup when you want a bit of protection from the sun or a chilly breeze. Make one and wear it all year round!

Need a little more instruction before conquering sewing with tricky, stretchy knits? Then sign up for the Craftsy class . You'll learn to tackle this challenging fabric with ease as you create five comfortable and versatile knit garments!

Knit Turban and Beret Patterns Pretty Lingerie Sewing Patterns

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