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One of the newest trends in the interior design world is to not follow a trend at all! I personally embrace the changing idea of what is fresh and new but I believe in sticking to the classics too. A trick that plenty of designers and decorators use in their work is to throw in organic accents even in the most modern theme. Fabric is a great way to do this especially if you are on a budget or make changes to your design often. For instance a wool bouclé throw, some birch cotton pillow covers, or a wool tartan plaid for welting on dining room parsons chairs can make a huge difference if the room feels a little cold.

Another option for bringing in organics is to use untreated materials such as iron, wood, or even stone and pottery. The smallest things can have a huge impact. In fact if you have a modern aesthetic it may be best to use a small amount because it would have a bigger effect since everything else is a contrast to the organic addition. For this application I like to use antique iron grates for wall hangings, pottery for storage or wall dècor, raw wood frames for high-end art, and stone for finishing fireplaces and kitchen and bath fixtures.

Finally, the organic theme can be easily overdone. Don’t go overboard unless you’re ready to commit to the modern farmhouse style. If you are interested in using some of these tricks in your design, know that there is a huge supply of these items in antique stores, thrift shops, and online at places like or Search for certain things and try to find a good price. The point of organic items is to recycle something that’s already been used for a practical application and you’re bringing that energy into your home to make it feel more practical itself and of course its more fun that way!

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