Different Types Of T Shirt

Different types of cotton shirts

Type Properties Benefits/uses
Muslin Muslin is an ancient plain weave cotton fabric. It is often sheer and delicate and un-dyed. Pure and natural product, inexpensive, often used to strain liquids.
Denim This hardwearing fabric is usually dyed indigo blue and used to make jeans. Tough and durable, denim jeans make great hard-working trousers.
Cotton Chambray Chambray main characteristic it its coloured yarn in the warp and a white in the weft. Two tone durability used in jackets and shirts.
Flannel This type of cotton has a very slight texture sometimes on one side, sometimes on both, giving it a soft washed feel. Soft, cosy, warm – ideal for nightwear and sheets in the winter months.
Cotton Chenille French for caterpillar; the pile sticking out around this cotton yarn gives it a fuzzy feel. Widely used as a table covering in Victorian times. Today most often used for dressing gowns, bedspreads and upholstery.
Jersey knit Interlocking loops as in traditional knitting give knitted fabrics stretch. Give and stretch makes this ideal for sportswear, underwear and sheets.
Pima/Egyptian Cotton Egyptian cotton is an excellent quality cotton fabric often with a high concentration of strands. Egyptian cotton provides the best quality bed linen, T-shirts and sweaters.
Twill Durable fabric with diagonal ribs on the weave. Trousers and skirts that hang well due to the diagonal ‘give’ of the fabric.
Corduroy Velvety ribs give texture and warmth. Harder wearing but with the ‘glow’ of velvet. Ideal for coats, trousers and upholstery.
Terrycloth Terry cloth has a moisture-absorbing loop pile that gives it its ability to absorb more than most types of cotton. Soft and absorbent – perfect for towels and cloth nappies.
Gingham Cotton This balanced plain-woven fabric is usually recognisable by its distinctive checked pattern.

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