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Our Company, Triple Textile, Inc., has been around for more than 10 years. Helping everyone in all of
their fabric needs. We give 100% guarantee that our stocks of fabrics are of First Class Quality and the
cheapest price you can ever find. We have hundreds of designs and millions of fabrics in stock. The
Management and Staff of this company are always willing and able to give you excellent customer service
all the time. We guarantee our Service, Quality and Timely Delivery. When you are looking for any kind
of fabric, send us your sample and we will send you a match right away.
- Fabrics We Carry -
Sequins Solids, Sequins Prints, Novelty Stretch Fabrics, Single Span Prints, Cotton Spandex
PolyesterRayon Spandex, Rayon Spandex, Ribbing's, 100% Cotton Jersey, ITY Matte Jersey, Cotton Fleece,
FrenchTerry Cotton & Spandex, Fleece, CVC Velour, Power Mesh, Stretch Mesh, Foot Ball Mesh, Triple
Mesh, Helenca Lining, Slinky Acetate Solids, Lurex & Glitters, Burnout Chiffon, Burnout Charmeuse,
Burnout Satin, Poly Charmeuse Solids & Prints, Rayon Acetate Satin Faille, Micro Fibers Solid & Prints,
Venecchia, Mesh Prints and many more ...
Hi Multi Chiffon, Georgette Pebble & Double, Yoryu Chiffon, Velvet Burnout, Velvet Stretch,

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