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Woven fabric Manufacturing

  • Comprehensive book that covers loom mechanism, preparatory (winding) to weaving and weave design
  • Illustrates weaving machine description from the viewpoint of basic principles
  • Infusion of relevant mathematics with numerical examples
  • Discusses sizing concepts specifically for undergraduate students
  • Thoroughly class tested material with examples, homework problems and FAQs


Weaving as a subject is an integral part of any textile engineering/technology program, the others being fibre manufacturing, yarn manufacturing and textile chemical processing. This book amalgamates both the compartments (preparatory processes and the loom mechanism) of weaving technology and presents a holistic picture. The machine descriptions are presented from the viewpoint of principles and no attempt has been made to make them exhaustive by incorporating various models or variants. The mathematical relations among various parameters have been derived starting from the first principles and each chapter concludes with solved numerical examples.

Table of Contents

Introduction to fabric manufacturing. Yarn winding. Warping. Yarn sizing. Simple weave designs. Shedding. Picking in shuttle loom. Picking in shuttleless loom. Beat-up. Secondary and Auxiliary Motions.


"The main strengths of the textbook are a clear, logical, modern and understandable explanation of the subject matter in the field of weaving technology. Graphics, photos and practical examples effectively supporting the consolidation and understanding of the content presented. A perfect textbook for students and weaving experts."
— Polona Dobnik Dubrovski, The University of Maribor, Slovenia

"This book is relevant and useful both to undergraduates and undergraduates who are pursuing a career in apparel and textiles."
— John Mcloughlin, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

"The book titled is one of the comprehensive concept books on two dimensional (2D) weaving and weaving related subjects. My overall view on the book is that each sub content is explained very simple way for the reader to understand. In addition, it includes recent innovations especially data management, up to date process automation and basic calculation principles. I recommend the book students, engineers, researchers and teachers in various colleges and Universities as well as private companies and state and private research organizations."
— Kadir Bilisik, Erciyes University, Turkey

"Most importantly contents, structure, organization, quality, and readability are considered as a whole to be the main strengths. The fundamental concepts and basics of fabric manufacturing are very well written with scientific and engineering approaches right from preparatory process to final weaving. This book would definitely serve the purpose of undergraduate students those who wants to learn the weaving technology in more scientific way. In addition, the author has provided numerical problems with solutions at the end of each chapter and this would help students to hone their analytical thinking and working ability by performing the exercises. Most of the equations/formulae presented in this book are well derived right from first principles and this would help students to comprehend the basic assumptions and other implications which are being involved. Mechanisms of all primary, secondary, and tertiary motions of both shuttle and shuttle-less looms and preparatory processes are discussed very well in detail and which are prerequisites for beginners."
— Jin-lian Hu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

"The book provides technical treatise on weaving including preparatory weaving processes and elementary fabric design. The content of the book is written in simple and easy to understand language. Numerical exercises are included; which will benefit students and early career practitioners."

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