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Polyester Jacquard Fabric

Visually compelling, this collection of cotton and polyester blended home decor jacquards would be a brilliant addition to a wide variety of regal and stylish interiors. Alternating between a luminous twill and a matte design, which ever side of the fabric you decide to use as your face will richly attract the light regardless of the application. The combination of color and brilliance make for a fabric that can effortlessly be inserted in a luxurious and up-scale interior as well as a fashion-forward and lively space. With a crisp drape and no backing, this damask jacquard would be best suited for decorative applications as well as drapery projects. It could also be used as a fashion fabric to create dazzling articles of outerwear.

Color: Ivory
Width: 54"
Content: 69% POLYESTER, 31% COTTON
V Repeat: 8.25
H Repeat: 9.00

HOW TO CARE FOR POLYESTER FABRICS:Machine wash warm or cold, tumble-dry low. If ironing is needed, iron on a low temperature.Mood strongly recommends test-laundering a swatch, if you plan to wash your garment or home furnishings yourself.

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