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Vintage Inspired Upholstery Fabric

vintage style furniture sourcesLoving vintage can at times make you feel a bit like a glutton for punishment. So many fabulous home goods have been manufactured in the past, and yet over the course of time have become rare and difficult to find. In the past, I have labeled myself as a bit of a “treasure hunter, ” because of my endless search for items that suit my tastes in places like flea markets and thrift stores. Even if that treasure is discovered, there’s always the risk that the price is too high, or time has taken too great a toll. You see, being a treasure hunter can be a little heartbreaking.

Even though the thrill of the hunt is addicting, it’s also nice to know that I can fall back on companies that produce items inspired by the styles that boomed in my favorite time periods. After all, no one likes a sad ending.

Today, I want to introduce you to some companies and sources that provide furniture and home goods inspired by style favorites. You may be surprised to discover the wide range of sources available.

is a furniture company based out of Los Angeles, CA. Inspired by the Mid-Century Modern designers like Frank Lloyd Wright, the company offers a wide range of styles and a large selection of upholstery. As if that wasn’t enough, their prices are shockingly reasonable. In addition to seating and tables, Joybird also sells accessories for the home. If you’re a fan of the the Mid-Century style, I cannot recommend this company enough.

offers a large variety of furniture styles to suit just about any taste. I love this website, not only for its sales, but also it’s design series and inspiration. Even better, there selections go far beyond furniture to include just about anything you may need (or want) for your home.

Are you an Art Deco fan? Type “Art Deco” or “1920’s” into their search box and be prepared to redecorate your entire home. Bohemian, Industrial, and Mid-Century, are just some other styles catered by this site.

Possibly even better than companies producing vintage inspired items, are the companies who manufactured them in their inception. There are still many businesses still producing the same designs after the time periods have come and gone.

(pictured above), an American company, was established in 1985. Their streamlined designs have a decidedly retro look, perfect for the vintage enthusiast. In their online store you will find solid birch furniture, a large selection of upholstery fabric, and area rugs.

has been in business since 1938. Featuring designs from familiar names like Eero Saarinen, who designed the famous tulip chair, which is still well loved today. Their website allows you to shop by room, or by designer. The best thing about Knoll, is that they’re still producing the same designs we love from the 1950’s and 1960s, along with newer items that fit the same aesthetic.

, a Swiss company, was established in 1950. Since their conception as a family-owned company, they’ve strived to create inspiring furniture for the home, office, and commercial buildings. While perusing their online store, you’ll see some familiar items such as the Panton and the stackable HAL Tube chairs.

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