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Brocade's certification program currently offers three certification levels on four networking-related tracks. If you're working with Brocade technologies, take a look at what the certs can offer and how your IT career can benefit from them.

Brocade has been an active player in the high-performance networking market for more than 20 years. While the company has long been known as a Fibre Channel manufacturer of choice for storage area network (SAN) fabrics, Brocade's current product portfolio includes everything from Ethernet switches, routers and wireless LAN (WLAN) components, to security appliances, software defined networking, network management software, transceivers and mobility networking tools. The spacious breadth and width of the Brocade product line underscores the observation that Brocade certifications make an excellent stepping stone to a more lucrative, interesting career managing data center, LAN, WAN, WLAN and SAN networks.

SANs are one of the mission-critical back-end components in any modern data center, providing important services such as data storage and archiving, data replication and, in some cases, disaster recovery technology to enterprise IT customers. For example, more and more organizations are leveraging big data today, and it relies on high-performance, high-capacity SANs to store that stuff. The data analytics intrinsic in big data also relies on high-performance SAN platforms that can handle the high device workloads generated by big data.

Many SAN appliance manufacturers also sell Fibre Channel networking—in some cases proprietary solutions—to connect their SAN equipment. But Brocade has remained an independent provider of SAN fabrics, supporting SAN devices from any manufacturer that adheres to the Fibre Channel standard. Because Brocade does not manufacture or sell SANs itself, it can concentrate on building, installing and supporting the highest-quality, highest-performance SAN fabrics around. And it does!

Brocade Certification Program Overview

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