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Weaving and Knitting difference

Knitting: The process in which fabrics are produced by set of connected loops from a series of yarn in weft or warp direction is called knitting. Knitted fabrics are produced by knitting technology. Different types of knitted fabrics are produced by the knitting machine.

Weaving: The process in which fabrics are produced by interlacing two sets of threads according to design is called weaving. Weaved fabrics may be in grey, stripped or colored form. Different types of designed fabrics are produced by the weaving technology.

Difference between knitting and weaving: Although knitting and weaving are the fabric manufacturing techniques but they have a lot of difference. Difference between knitting and weaving are given below.

Knitting Weaving
knitted fabrics are produced by set of connected loops from a series of yarns. Woven fabrics are produced by the interlacing two types of threads.
One set of yarn is used in this method. Two sets of yarn is used for this method.
Do not require sizing. Sizing is required before weaving.
Yarn preparation is not so necessary.
Production capacity of knitting is more. Production capacity of weaving is less than knitting.
Production cost of knitting is less than weaving cost. Production cost of weaving is higher than knitting.
About 52% fabrics are produced by knitting technology in textile section. About 48% fabrics are produced by weaving techniques in textile section.
Knitting is done by loop formation. Weaving is done by shade formation.
Elastic property of the knit fabrics are higher than woven fabric. Elastic property of the woven fabrics are less than knitted fabric.
Dimensional stability is lower than woven fabric.

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