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I love my acrylic long sleeve shirt. It washes and dries perfectly and has lasted for years. Can't do that with some of the "blends."

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I recently wore a new sweater made of 95 percent acrylic and 5 percent rayon. I wore a short sleeve sweater with a higher neck of another material under it to layer my clothes to protect me from the cold. The next day I broke out with a bad rash on my arms from the end of the short sleeve sweater to my wrists. I cannot wear wool sweaters because they itch me but they never caused a rash.

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Post 19: that's because idiots will buy anything at overpriced rates as long as they think they look good in it! Ban acrylic, polyester, nylon and modal! The bible's right on this: don't wear garments made of two or more fibers, as you can be sure one of them will kill you! I love my silk sweaters!

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Today's acrylic fabric is super toxic. When I was a kid, I could wear the Dupont but now, I am lucky that I cannot wear it as it is rabidly itching and atrociously scratchy! I have MCS so while you can wear anything off the websites and racks, you're slowly giving yourself cancer, while I wear the same cottons all the time but will avoid the lethal illness!

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Acrylic is cheap and doesn't absorb water. Unlike cotton and wool which will soak up water and have to dry out, acrylic fabric can get wet and the water rings right out. It's like dropping a paper bag into water vs a plastic bag. Yes, the plastic bag will get wet, but the water runs right off - the paper bag will have to dry.

No doubt, wearing a plastic bag instead of a paper one might give someone a rash, but it's not because of the material itself: the plastic's inert; and correlation doesn't imply causation.

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If I had a reaction to acrylic clothing, how will I react to body cement which is made of some sort of acrylic?

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I am 39 years old I was searching to see what caused my very, very bad rash. I felt like I was on fire. This rash causes a very bad burning and the blisters got so bad that they became water blisters.

My wife thought I had to have been burned by a chemical a "chemical burn, " but after researching 100 percent acrylic, (being made from chemicals, toxins), which is what the sweater I was wearing is, I will never wear anything acrylic again and will tell everyone I know to stay away from it. This stuff is toxic.

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When did "All acrylic" fabrics first appear on the market?

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Does anyone know whether acrylic fabric is more or less "eco-friendly" than natural wool?

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Acrylic is quite good for some things, but it also has its weak points. Some see it as a horrid material indeed since, as discovered by the european government in 1749, it is a material that was first used for missiles and bombs, before being properly sold to the public. Therefore, in some people, it does cause some terrible side effects, such as the dreaded rash.

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Many people think they are having allergic reactions to acrylic fabrics, but are most likely wearing the garments without first washing them. They may in fact be allergic to the sizing and other chemicals added to make the item look good on the shelf for the purchaser in the store. Also, we consumers never know what dust and other contaminants may have gotten on the fabric in transit from China and other foreign origins.

I would suggest 99 percent of folks put on clothes from the store, never...

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