Sunday, March 20, 2016

Rough loosely woven fabric

SAM_0181Making the fiber composite
I wanted to experiment with different fabrics. I assumed that any non stretch woven fabric with good absorbency should work. I guess the strength of the fabric depends on the weave, material and number of layers. To make the container, I decided to use Muslin, a fine loosely woven cotton fabric which is super cheap. I made the lid using a pattered cotton fabric less stronger than Muslin. Jared and Carlos have made this nicetutorial that explains each step.
First I cut four layers of both the fabrics. I didn't cut the shape based of the mold. I wanted to see how the fabric wraps itself around the 3D model. Since I wasn't using the fabric as strong as Burlap, I thought it would be easier for me to cute it after it is cured. I used the combination of Aeromarine Epoxy Resin #300 and Epoxy hardner #21.

Vacuum Bagging
Ermal and /i put both our parts inside the vaccum bag. We kept an additional on breathable layer covering all the three models. We left it overnight to cure.

It didn't come out as I was expecting. There were lots of folds. I should have made some cuts on the fabric and made some stiches before adding the resin later. Surprisingly the part made using Muslin came out super strong. I wasn't able to trip the edges. I trimmed the edges for the lid though.

SAM_0180 SAM_0184 SAM_0187 SAM_0190

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