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Woven Clothing Labels vs. Printed Labels

Woven Thermal Printed

Clothing labels have two primary categories. The first is printed clothing labels. While generally inexpensive they have several disadvantages that make them an ideal choice for only a handful of uses. The most basic complaint about a printed label is that they fade. Whether it’s through washing or as a result of skin oils reacting with the print, the fact is that a printed label does not stand up to standard wear. This reduces the branding aspect of the label completely. An illegible label does nothing for your business. The second choice is a woven label.

Woven Clothing Labels vs. Embroidered Labels

I only do woven labels, not embroidered!
I do offer Custom Embroidered Patches and Emblems!

embroidered patches adn emblems

Embroidered Patches

Our woven clothing labels are made to your specifications including logos, colors, and styles on your choice of fabric. Our Custom Embroidered Patches and Emblems offer the same high quality !!! They come in regular sew on or iron on styles as well.

Kids Clothing labels & Custom Woven Cloth Labels for Toddlers

Children’s clothes manufacturers use us to design their kid’s clothes labels because of our high quality materials, our amazing attention to detail and our fabulously low prices. Our cloth labels for kids are second to none. Children and toddlers can be fickle so we make sure our kid’s clothing labels are appropriate for the child or toddler’s age and gender.



woven damask clothing labelsThere are four basic fabrics offered in woven labels: Damask, Semi-Damask, Taffeta, and Satin. Click on any of the fabric styles for a more complete description of each fabric type.

Our labels are manufactured using huge looms. Our factory uses broadlooms, needle looms, and even the double and single shuttle looms to make the best possible clothing labels.
The clothing labels when they come off of the looms are in a ribbon like form, and then they are then cut and sealed so the threads do not fray.


  • The folded style eliminates the issue of having a raw back showing and allows room for care instructions. They come in two variations: a side folding label or a bottom folding label.
  • A common way to attach a label is to order an end fold label that you tack down on the ends. However, this method is not flexible enough for most small-scale sewers and lacks the professional touch.
  • You can ensure maximum flexibility by ordering labels that are finished on all sides with enough seam allowance to be used in a variety of ways.

Whatever choice you make with the finishing touches, be sure that you allow for seam allowance in the size that you order. Clothing Labels 4U can guide you through these choices.

The Two Reasons That You'll Want To Buy From Us

The Quality and the Price! They cannot be beat! Contact me for FREE samples!

Prices range from:
1000 Logo/Name Labels: Between $390.00 to $550.00 plus shipping.

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