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Polyester resin properties

Cover imageThe properties of AC-5 control asphalt binder, mixture containing the same asphalt were compared with the properties of AC-10 asphalt binder modified by 0.75%, 1%, 2%, and 3% of polyester resin (PR), mixture containing pure AC-10 and AC-10 modified by 0.75% of PR, respectively.

Initial research was done to determine the physical properties of unmodified and PR modified asphalt binders. The AC-10 asphalt binder modified by 0.75% of PR had good results compared to AC-5 control asphalt binder and all other modified binders, and hence this modified binder as well as unmodified binders were used to prepare Marshall samples for Marshall stability and flow, indirect tensile stiffness modulus (ITSM), indirect tensile strength (ITS) and creep stiffness tests.

The results of investigation indicate that AC-10 + 0.75% PR binder has better physical properties than AC-5 control asphalt binder and, at the same time, PR improves mechanical properties of asphalt mixture.


  • Bitumen;
  • Polyester resin;
  • Modified mixtures;
  • Creep stiffness

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