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Stretch Crochet Elastic

The design of the Stretch Crochet Elastic Trim is reminiscent of hand crochet work. The points, also called picots or crowns, work well with most fabrics. Our customers use this lovely trim for any stretch neckline trim, including the necklines of bras or camisoles. The trim is very easy to apply. It is a delicate trim, perfect to add a finishing touch to your bra or camisole. This is our most popular trim!

The trim is ¼” (6 mm) wide on the solid sewing section and another ¼” (6 mm) that peeks above the edge after sewing. The Stretch Crochet Trim is available in 14 of our standard, beautiful colours. Latex-free.


Our Stretch Crochet Elastic Trim is conveniently dyed according to the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors colour chart. Each of our trim colours is shown with the corresponding Pantone colour code. If you have the Pantone chart, you may check our colours against it for an accurate colour depiction. The trim is also dyed to match many of our other fabrics and supplies. Fabrics such as our Duoplex, Power Net, Double Knit Power Net, Stretch Mesh, Nylon Spandex Tricot; along with our Band Elastic, Satin Strap Elastic, and Plush Underwire Casing are available in several matching colours.

Colours Available:

Our Stretch Crochet Elastic Trim is available in 14 beautiful colours. This trim is used in conjunction with many of our supplies and is dyed to match. Available in the following colours:

White, Ivory, Peach, Pink, Fuchsia, Red, Black Cherry, Lilac, Turquoise, Navy Blue, Beige, Chocolate, Platinum, and Black.


Sold by: the meter (1.1 yard/40″) or part metre
Width: ½” (12 mm) total width, with ¼” of sewing area
Stretch: stretch in lengthwise direction
Finish: matte
Content: nylon/spandex
Uses: bra neckline, camisoles

*Please note – colours can vary slightly between different products and materials. Different materials absorb dye differently, which can cause slight colour variations. The dye saturation can also affect the hand of the individual colours.

*Please note – even though this product is latex-free, we cannot guarantee that this product has not come into contact with latex particles during the manufacturing process.

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