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Challis fabric characteristics

A soft, lightweight silk, cotton, or manmade fabric with a smooth, semi-lustrous satin finish and a matte backing.


A synthetic material with a soft, nonslip surface that absorbs shock and reduces fatigue. These properties make it ideal for grips and handles.


A loose-fitting, long strip of fabric that is often worn around the waist like a skirt, or wrapped around the whole body like a dress. It is a very popular form of a swimsuit cover-up.


A type of fabric weave that creates a soft, smooth, lustrous surface.


A fabric with a silky, lustrous finish. The fabric's long, interlaced yarns have no visible pattern, which creates a smooth, shiny surface.


Skirt with attached undershorts that offers the look of a skirt with the modesty and comfort of shorts. Common in activewear and girls’ clothing.

Screen print

A picture or design printed on a garment using the silk-screen process.


A type of stitch that creates a textured finish and looks like a continuous pattern of seeds.


A woven, light- to medium-weight fabric with a puckered appearance made of cotton or rayon.

Shark-bite (4-point) hem

A border of cloth that has an uneven cut with two points in the front and two points in the back. It resembles a "shark bite" because of its jagged look.


A dress that is characterized by having a straight, form-fitting skirt and bodice. Usually hits just below the knee, often with a slit in the sides or back for ease of movement.


A lightweight, woven fabric made from cotton or linen. It sometimes has a crinkled texture and is commonly used for seasonal bottoms like capris.

Sherpa (fleece)

Knit terry fabric brushed and washed to raise the fibers for a fluffy, plush feel. The thick terry loops stay soft and absorbent over time.


A loose-fitting dress that lacks a defined waistline. It tends to hit above the knee and is commonly sleeveless.


Gathered material that creates pleated details.


This natural fiber is known as one of the finest textiles because of its softness and radiant sheen.


A ribbed V-knit material (usually nylon) offering firm support, shape retention, and elasticity.


An open-weave, straw-like fabric spun from banana plant fibers. Usually dyed and stiffened, but pliable, and mainly used in the production of hats.


A coarse, durable material often used for rugs because of its anti-static, natural insulation and flame-resistant qualities.


Pants that have flaps of fabric sewn on at the waist to create a skirt-like appearance.

Skimmer pants

Cropped pants with a straight-leg fit that skims the knee. A stylish cross between Bermuda shorts and capris.


A pair of shorts that have a fabric covering sewn on the front to create a skirt-like appearance. The back, however, still looks like shorts.


A process where a fabric (usually silk or cotton) is slightly twisted or drawn out, producing an intentional unevenly textured appearance.


A flat, decorative braid usually consisting of narrow loops, similar to crochet. Most commonly used as a trim or accent on women’s clothing.


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