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First of all let me say the quality of the work done is EXCELLENT. We really loved the fabric we selected and I am sure this helped us love the end result even more so but the finished product is EXCELLENT. I had to amend my review posted yesterday because today I received OUT OF THIS WORLD customer service follow up from the owner. And just for the record I never had a complaint about the quality of work. I was never disgruntled about the work - it is worth every penny especially if you are a perfectionist like me. I was a little disappointed however over a what I now know was a disconnect between what I was told during steps within the intake and implementation process and the actual reality of certain logistics (delivery) and selecting a textile. Part of the confusion stemmed from not being clear on my options on how you go about getting your textile. You can have MOD order it for you or you can order it yourself. MOD use to embed a jump link within its website to another website for ordering textiles which led me to believe such company was affiliated with MOD. Therein lies the rub; I noticed there can be a price difference between the two but it totally depends on what's the going rate at the time. MOD runs independent from any third party supplier. I am very grateful that head management reached out to me today to clear up and rectify any discrepancies. I have not encountered that level of customer service laced with pride and integrity in ages. Management understands how this can be confusing from the customer's perspective and so promptly removed the reference. The work is stellar and better than you can imagine when you finally get to see the end result. This along with thoughtful customer service makes the overall experience a very positive one. Enjoy!

There are probably better deals to be found. I commissioned them to reupholster a Knoll style sofa a friend gave us six years ago. They were a little newer in the game and did the job for about $1000. I provided my own forest green Lee Jofa wool felt that I scored for $2 a yard. It looked good for a few months, and then the foam quickly went wonky and the felt started sagging. It wasn't the end of the world, but I didn't beat my cats when they carved up the arms. Six years later I checked in with them to see how much they would charge to reupholster it again. I mentioned that my sofa was on their website and asked if they remembered much about the job. They said they lost my file when they changed the system, but would email me. They quoted $1550 plus the cost of fabric. If I wanted to use my own fabric, they would charge a 10% COM fee. Then $75 per foam cushion (six total), $125 if the seat deck webbing needs to be strengthened, $7 per button tuft and $200 for roundtrip delivery within the 5 boroughs excluding walkup fee, if applicable. That's nearly triple all said and done than I had paid before. I politely wrote back that I could buy the exact sofa brand new in the color of my choice for $1600 from someone like Joybird. If I look on Ebay and settle for a color like gray or brown, it's $1000, free delivery.

Consider proceeding with caution - from my experience, this company does not have your best interests at heart. In addition to delay of timing - Mod displayed very poor business practices. Example: To confirm scheduling of the delivery of my items, I was asked to & provided a photo of a personal check on Saturday. On Monday morning Mod deemed the check image not sufficient as payment and thus Mod cancelled delivery for that afternoon. But then later their owner was emailing me to negotiate a reduction of the invoice amount as accommodation due to my extreme frustration with the service & committed to "wait for my response" & for me to issue a new check. On the same day, at a similar time the Mod Team leveraged my check details to pull the full original contract amount from my checking account. It wasn't until the next day the owner alerted me that her team already e-processed my money out of my account. This coincidence of timing indicates that the decision to seek funds via my account was an act of nefarious in intent - a means to strong arm me into paying full price despite fronting with customer service oriented rhetoric. [update 11/23/15] My furniture has been returned safely. No accommodation was made by Mod for the 3 days I was required to take off of work given the multiple delays/cancellations of my delivery. Nor was it ever acknowledged that the owner committed to "wait for my response" to adjust the invoice & have me issue a new check while the Mod team went ahead and processed my previous check for e-payment without alignment.

Mod did some nice work for a while. The craftsmen there really knew what they were doing. However, now that they're closed, check out BROOKLYN WORKROOM for all your custom furniture, upholstery, window treatments, reupholstery and refinishing needs.

I found Mod by doing a general search for upholsters and liked their approach - everyone was really friendly and they work on some lovely projects. They did a very quick turnaround of a whole danish modern style sofa and chairs for me. Hanni worked with me for a couple of hours (a long time), going through thousands of swatches. I ended up going with her recommendations and the end result is really nice. My only real complaint is that they are not open for a few hours on the weekend. I work full-time and had to take a few hours off to come down and review swatches and terms.

Mod did a stellar job on my Milo Baughman Thayer Coggin mid century modern sofa. I am picky and have a cat that trashed the original bonded leather/pleather finish. It was important that I find a fabric that could combat cat claws, they helped me look through volumes of fabric and kept the communication going through all phases of the project. They could not have done a cleaner, more precision job, sticking to the look of the original design but modifying it with a removable seat cushion. Reupholstering is not inexpensive but it's certainly worth it if you want to keep a treasured piece.

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