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Lorenz has always been about family, be it related by blood or the staff who have worked for so long at the shop that when they retire it feels like a piece of you is missing. It is these people who are the heart of our success. On the 28th of June 1949 brothers Roy & Walter Lorenz opened the doors to Lorenz Upholstering Ltee / Meubles Lorenz Ltee. Originally the brothers focused on reupholstery and restoration of sofas, arm chairs and various other upholstered furniture, but it wasn't long before interior designers and high end clientele began making requests for customized upholstery and the manufacturing end of the business was born.

Business carried on for decades until the brothers semi-retirement and sale of the company in 1981 to Joseph Fischer. Lorenz Ltd continued to roll out custom furniture and reupholstery
services. In the year 2000, Leah Raposo began working in administration and 4 years later Jose Rebelo joined the team as a fabric cutter replacing Denis Lorenz, son of one of the original Lorenz brothers. Little did they know that the Lorenz magic would work on them and their work became a true labour of love. Married and still working at the shop, the opportunity for
succession to staff who truly loved the business came up and in 2013 Leah (Leonilde) Raposo and Jose Rebelo purchased the assets and rights to use the Meubles Lorenz / Lorenz Furniture brand.

"Lorenz Signature" furniture are the choice of Interior Designers, Decorators and Architects. All Meubles Lorenz Signature Furniture are produced in Montreal Quebec, "Made in Canada" and NAFTA certified. When you see the Lorenz Signature tag it means that the workmanship and custom upholstered furniture has gone through prototyping, material selection, fabrics,
construction and post construction quality testing. Lorenz Signature Certification means that you are working with a company that has the experience and the permits from Ville de Montreal & Ministre de Finance to construct new furniture and deliver anywhere in North America duty free.

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