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Magic Screen applies magical effects to your favorite photos and texts to create wallpapers so great it almost creates the illusion that it could've been designed by a professional designer with a Photoshop.

We're using SMARTphones, but the way we select wallpapers are not so smart. We wouldn't even have been in the business if we were just trying to compete with tens of other competitors with a simple "photo" wallpaper. In fact, there are billions of great wallpapers out there on the Internet.

The key here is "My Own" wallpaper. A wallpaper that exists nowhere else in the world.

[Main Features]

Powerful Text Editing
• Possible to add unlimited amount of text.
• Over 100 fonts, Moving/Scaling/Aligning, Change colors (Gradation too!), Text-Outlines, Shadows, etc.

Powerful Photo Editing
• Supports unlimited number of photos.
• 14 different filters, 4 different shapes, borders(Choose your own color!), Shadows, etc.

• 12 beautiful skins (Even change colors on some)
• Calendars are programmed so you can choose any day, month, or year.
You no longer have to wait for someone update a calendar photo.

What's New in Version 3.7

New calendar templates.
New magic wallpapers.
Bug fixes and improvements.
Thanks for using Magic Screen!

like it!
by Xxg3n3rationxX

this is good. i like this very much. good app for your lock screen i was told to right a review. and the only way I can am not sure what I was a great way of life and death of a sudden good morning to and the rest of your my favorite thing part of my the same time as thing is that I it the same time as the only thing I don't know think I have can might be able a the same thing time as well be the first half of my life is the a team that won the first game of the year best thing to do that for me to and from work to be do get to the same as time goes by. thank you.

Bring a little "Magic" to your "Screen!"
by NadiaKnightly

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