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How does the process work to order a Resene WallPrint?
You create your Resene WallPrint using our WallPrint programme. Then we check and confirm the order with you. You arrange the payment for the order and once the payment is received the order is placed. Generally once payment is received printing takes around 7 working days depending on the complexity of the project and the workload. Once printed the completed order is delivered to your local Resene ColorShop for collection.

Is there a minimum order?
The minimum order we can supply is 3 square metres. If your project is smaller than this, it can be supplied, but a minimum charge of 3 square metres will apply.

Is there a minimum size?
The minimum size for a WallPrint is 3 square metres. The system will not let you design a WallPrint smaller than 61cm wide and 127cm high. If you try entering smaller than this the system will alert you.

What sort of image do I need?
The image needs to be high quality to ensure that it will print well. Generally for most WallPrint projects a file size of at least 3mb is needed and for large walls, a file size of 5mb+ may be needed. When you enter an image into the WallPrint programme it gives you details on viewing distance. If you want the WallPrint to be viewed close up you will need a better quality image.

For a large wall, 25% of the total actual size of the end product is ideal and should not return a low resolution warning. You can make the image uploaded the actual size, but bear in mind the upper size limit for an image upload is 500MB.

Can you adjust parts of the image in the Resene WallPrint tool?
The WallPrint tool lets you make the image wider/taller to fit the wall. However it can't change any elements of the image itself. This would need to be done outside of the Resene WallPrint tool using something like Photoshop. The best idea is to upload an image into WallPrint and try out the options so you can see how your image would look and...

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