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Create breathtaking bridal wear, lingerie, dress shirts, blouses or accessories with soft, lush, luxurious silk. Silk fabrics embody luxury and elegance, and NY Fashion Center Fabrics offers the finest Grade A Silk Fabric in hundreds of colors. The possibilities are endless with our large selection of all-natural, premium silk fabrics: silk charmeuse fabric is perfect for creating a stunning blouse or skirt, while silk shantung can be used to make an elegant set of drapes.

Are you looking for multiple silk fabrics in the same color? We offer 10 of our most popular Grade A silks in every color of our color chart, making coordinating fabrics by color an easy process. Our silk fabrics are of the finest quality and are available by the yard for your convenience, and we offer all our silks directly from the source: we never ship leftover pieces or scraps. We offer fast shipment on all silk fabrics and guarantee that your order will be delivered right to your door.

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