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Do you want to know the cost of starting a nylon production company (cutting & sealing machine)? If YES, here’s a sample nylon production business plan template

Do you know that you can become a millionaire just by producing and selling nylon and polythene bags? This is a very good business opportunity to exploit right now, especially if you have been looking to start your own business.

The demand for nylon is very extensive and occurs on a daily basis worldwide. In fact, nylon production has significant economic importance in most countries, owning to the variety of uses to which nylon products are put.

While individuals use nylon bags for a wide range of domestic purposes such as shopping, bagging, and covering, manufacturing businesses require nylon in large quantities for wrapping and packaging their products.

The thinnest forms of nylon bags, I mean those transparent films are used in packaging edible products such as bread and other non-edible products purchased from the market. Thicker forms are used in packaging biscuits and other snacks. The fairly large ones are used by laundry operators to package their clients’ clothes.

The very large forms are used for making tents and covering cars and other machinery (Tarpaulins) to protect them from rainfall and other harsh weather conditions. And the thickest forms are used in producing fancy shopping bags and school bags, and for other uses.

The above statements drive home the fact that you can make huge profits from nylon production. If what you are reading right now seems to be increasing your interest in this business, then read on. In this article, you will learn all you need to know to start your nylon production business.

To successfully start a nylon production company, you need the following:

  1. Technical knowledge on how to product the nylon
  2. The production machines
  3. Employees (unless you want to run a one-man business)

Challenges of starting a nylon production company

Aside the common challenges such as finding customers, raising capital, getting a good location, etc that entrepreneurs face in business; there are two distinct challenges you are likely to face as a nylon producer, especially when you are doing business in a developing country like Nigeria. They are:

  • Poor power supply – Epileptic power supply is one of the challenges most small scale manufacturers face in Nigeria. This will invariably increase your recurring expenditure as you would have to run your business on generator if you want to survive.
  • From my interaction with people who are into the nylon production business, I came to understand that sourcing for the machinery can be quite a problem; especially when you are looking at expanding the business. The machine you need to produce nylon can be fabricated locally but if you are moving into large scale production, you may need to import your machinery.

The problems listed above are some of the basic challenges you will face in this business.

  • What are the raw materials and where are they obtained from?

The raw materials for nylon production are bye products of petrochemical processing that are obtained from refineries. These main raw materials are polythene and polyethylene. Other basic petrochemical products from which nylon is made include Escorene, Lupene, Dow, B.A.S.F., and so on.

These materials are abundant in petroleum-rich countries with many functioning refineries. But manufacturers in other countries import the materials from Indonesia, Korea Republic, and China.

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