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Organic stretch fabric

We love using only the finest materials in our mattresses, and that includes our fabric. After all, that's what you see and feel since it's the outermost layer of construction. There will be some manufacturers who say the fabric doesn't matter since you cover it with sheets. Well that may be true with a conventional spring mattress, but with a latex mattress the fabric really does make a difference.

Think of a fitted long sleeved button-up shirt made from stiff woven cotton. Now think of a fitted knit teeshirt that stretches and moves with your body. This is similar to mattress ticking (fabric) over latex. If the mattress fabric is quilted and covered with a woven material it will be more constricted, just like that button-up shirt. However, if you cover it with a quality stretch knit fabric, it allows the benefits of the latex to "give" and respond better to your body. Tight woven fabrics make the mattress firmer, while stretch knit fabrics provide the ability of the latex to do it's job.

CozyPure mattresses use a premium stretch knit matelasse made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and milled exclusively for us in the USA.

Because we deal directly with the mills we also know what they offer as "stock". Did you know that most so-called "organic cotton" fabrics advertised on mattresses are BLENDS of organic cotton and synthetic polyester yarns? Yes it's true! Most organic cotton knit fabrics feature only the top "face" as organic cotton, while the threads in the middle and back of fabric are 100% polyester.


What's ironic is most of these blends amazingly print the words "organic cotton" all over the fabric (even though it can have up to 75% polyester). And the words are printed using polyester yarns. We call it thick, slick and shiny. It's a tell-tale sign. If the fabric has ANY type of slickness then there's some blend of polyester. If the fabric has a natural sponginess (thickness), that's usually a sign of polyester. 100% pure cotton is soft with no slickness and no shine whatsoever. There's no spongy-thickness.

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