French textile industry

French textile industry

textile industries in franceFrench textile companies and industry business overview details

The French Clothing, textile and garment apparel industry continuous growth and expand preserve of small, medium and Large scaled sized companies and textile firm. The industry has occupied a main dominant role in the French economy and GDP for a long time. We Textileinfomedia engaged portal of French apparel and garment manufacturers, supplier of fabrics and ladies wear product, contact details of yarn, fibre and textile raw material producer and list of textile mill and machinery business in France.

There are 4 Main consumers region who consume about 50% of total demand like 14% Germany, 12% France, 10% and 9% Italy.There are some many companies coming into the clothing and textile industry business, so production and expansion is growing strongly in France that giving hope for the bright future in france

You can source or find all types of textile companies, Textile manufacturing and processing unit address, wholesale fabrics companies, home fashion producer firm, cloth dyeing and printing factory, apparel and textile machinery exporter in france by searching our online global data directory market place. In recent, The demand of French machinery design and technology increased average of 3% per year Due to domestic textile machinery production risevalued EUR 998 million. Mainly export in china, united state of America, East Europe and Australia New Zealand.

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