Viscose thread

Viscose thread

Occasionally we are asked why we do not have any rayon thread. After all, rayon is the most commonly used thread in the embroidery industry, is relatively inexpensive, and has a beautiful sheen. The answer is because rayon is weak and usually is not colorfast. It is not the recommended quality fiber for quilting or embroidery. What is rayon? Unlike cotton thread which is made…

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What is bamboo viscose?

What is bamboo viscose?

Chantal - Elegant and timeless Chantal is the perfect stripe for fashionable interiors. Woven from 59% mercerized Egyptian cotton in the warp with a combination of rayon and polyester in the weft, this 54” upholstery offers the casual sophistication of seersucker with surprising durability. The 9 clean colors include sherbet, lavender, and sapphire, each of which brings in…

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Whats viscose

Whats viscose

This is all stuff Ive bought in the last month. Some of it was bought with specific projects in mind. Some I bought as part of a kit that Ive since decided not to do--Ill make something else instead. And some? I just went nuts, clutching it to me, shouting, Mine! Mine!

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