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Tropical Textile DesignAdobe Photoshop for Textile Design (isbn# 775) was created as a textile design tutorial. In our book you will learn step by step techniques for creating color combinations, color reduction, repeats, tonal (watercolor) designs and simple woven effects for textiles. using Adobe Photoshop. With the book we also include a CD with Color charts and practice images.

The book Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design is a collection of lessons that progress from simple everyday techniques and settings to more advanced techniques that will enable the designer to tackle the most challenging design work. Everything is explained in a simple uniform manner so that nothing is overwhelming to the textile designer just learning computer aided design and so that the more experienced designer can grasp key concepts more quickly.

is a textile design studio that uses Adobe Photoshopâ for its designing exclusively. As with any design software there are many ways to achieve the desired end effects. Our book "Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design" provides instructions on many tried and true textile design techniques that the Origin inc. design studio uses every day.

Photoshop for Textile Design is self published by Origin inc. It's 219 pages of tutorials and is spiral bound for ease of use. As equally important as the book itself is the CD that's included with the book. It contains practice images that correspond to the lessons in the book. These include weaves, textile images to color reduce, bodies & objects to photo drape textiles on and 36 pages of color charts so that you can match colors accurately. More then just a tutorial Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design is a complete learning system.

Instructions are given for Adobe Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) however this book will work well with Adobe Photoshop versions 7.0 through CS6.

Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

covers the following subjects:

    • Selection and Fill Tools (basic textile settings)
    • Neatening up your Desktop and Adjusting the Preferences
    • Floral Textile DesignFilling with a solid color
    • Color reducing a textile design in PhotoShop
    • Forced color reduction using the Marquee tool
    • Coloring your textile design
    • Cleaning a textile design (tricks you should know)
    • Editing a textile design (Copy, Cut and Paste)
    • Square and Half/drop Repeats
    • Creating a plaid
    • Mini bodies (placing a textile design into a fashion sketch)
    • Color reduction of a tonal design
    • Basic Photo draping (placing a textile design into a photograph of a person or object)
    • How to use the color charts included on the CD
    • Creating layers with various tools
    • Adjusting and Tinting layers
    • Matching colors to a color chart (a must for color accuracy in designing textiles)
    • Pulling colors within a layer
    • Using Color Range to select a mask
    • Reducing a layered design down to indexed color (advanced watercolor technique & color reduction of a textile design)
    • Photo Draping a textile design using the warp tool.
    • Photo Draping a bed
    • Using Bicubic Interpolation to resample an image (resizing an image)
    • A note about pixels per inch in relation to textile design
    • Placing colors on the Color Table in the order you want
    • Trapping and Platforming and Fall-ons in textiles
    • Color reducing a watercolor floral design down to a soft stipple
    • Quick method for adding stippled highlights to a flat image (without using the airbrush tool)
    • File management - an easy way of saving your textile designs so you can find them again (easily)
    • Advanced textile design techniques
    • Stripe Textile DesignColor reducing a watercolor floral down to 7 or 5 or 3 colors using a soft stipple
    • Color reducing a design down to index color in 5 minutes. We'll show you a technique that should really speed things up.
    • Color reducing a design down to index color in 5 minutes again (this time with a stipple)
    • Add a stippled highlight to a flat image without having to use the airbrush tool.
    • When to use Dither in Color Reduction
    • Working with Spot Channels
    • Creating Halftones from Spot Channels

We've got plenty of textile images to practice with ! These images (plus much more) are included on the CD !

We also give you textile images to Photo Drape !

Also (on the CD) there are color charts so you can match colors accurately !

French translation de Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design

(French Translation of Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design)

Price $118 USD United States Dollars - For Adobe Photoshop for Textile design - Version CC book (Creative Cloud)

Price $98.95 USD United States Dollars - Academic price - For Adobe Photoshop for Textile design For Adobe Photoshop Version CC

Price $99.95 USD United States Dollars For Adobe Photoshop for Textile design Version CS6 book

Click here to order the book Adobe Photoshop for Textile design - For Adobe Photoshop Version CS6. These are new books that were written for Adobe Photoshop CS6. We are now selling books that were written for CC so we are discounting the CS6 version of the book. The copywrite of the CS6 version is 2012.

If you have trouble using PayPal you can call them for assistance. Their Phone# is

You can also purchase "Adobe Photoshop for Textile Design" by check. The instructions are at the bottom of the page

For the older CS6 version click here

For the older CS5 version click here

Take a look at GIMP for Textile Design !

In the book "GIMP for Textile Design" you will discover the joys of creating textile designs using the wonderful (and free!) program GIMP (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) Free? Yes free! Too good to be true? Its true! And yes thats good!

Click here for more information on the book GIMP for Textile Design


Want more? Introducing the Origin inc. textile design collections. These collections contain original fabric designs from the Origin inc. textile design library. When you buy a collection you are purchasing the rights to use them in textile design or surface design projects free and without special permissions. Either for their colors, techniques or simply used for their motifs the designer will have the freedom to use this collection as needed to complete the task at hand. For more information

Bed to Photo Drape

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