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Textile designers are responsible for creating unique and original designs for clothing and apparel. There are many specialties in the world of textile design, and an individual designer may focus on one or more of them. Some options include dresses, shirts, pants, men's formal apparel, and children's apparel.

Textile design generally involves both the creation of new and original designs for apparel, and the implementation of designs provided by customers. This involves working with graphic design software to manipulate and modify images which will eventually be translated into articles of clothing. A textile designer will work on a project from conception all the way through completion of the physical product.

A bachelor's degree in graphic design is generally required for this position, as well as relevant job experience. One to five years of direct experience in the field is usually preferred, but any design experience is likely to be considered. Training in embroidery, silk screen technology, weaving, and textile manufacture is beneficial, as well.

Like many design-related jobs, textile design is generally done on Mac computers using Adobe software. Strong proficiency with OS X and the Adobe Suite of CS6 programs is required, and ideal candidates should also have excellent communication and presentation skills, and work well independently or with a team.

Textile designers generally work during business hours, but may occasionally be required to work nights or weekends to meet deadlines on important jobs. This generally means Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. Work is done in an office environment and typically supervised by a department manager.

Textile Designer Tasks

  • Translate verbal objectives to artistic designs and prototypes.
  • Adapt and update designs, patterns and colors.
  • Follow up with manufacturers and sales teams to ensure product quality.
  • Create original designs for specified audiences and fabrics.

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