Of weft knitted fabric

Definition pique fabric


Noun 1.

a close-textured fabric of cotton, silk, or spun rayon woven with lengthwise ribs

Word Origin

C19: from French piqué pricked, from piquer to prick


noun 1.

a feeling of resentment or irritation, as from having one's pride wounded

verb (transitive) piques, piquing, piqued 2.

to cause to feel resentment or irritation


foll by on or upon. to pride or congratulate (oneself)

C16: from French, from piquer to prick, sting; see pick1


noun 1.

a score of 30 points made by a player from a combination of cards held before play begins and from play while his opponent's score is nil

verb 2.

to score a pique (against)

C17: from French pic, of uncertain origin

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