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Peacock Print Fleece Fabric

Strut your stuff and bring rich avian jewel tones to life with designer peacock fabrics that you can use to decorate your home, create a gorgeous silk kimono, or reupholster a drab piece of furniture. Panel peacock fabrics make exquisite wall hangings that add an exotic touch to any room, or you can frame the panel to display on your wall. Most fabrics are 45 inches wide so you can create accent pieces for bedrooms, living rooms, and family rooms by covering pillows with peacock feather fabrics or cutting out a peacock motif to use in applique or quilting. Give your bathroom a facelift by creating a peacock aviary with a stunning feather shower curtain with matching window coverings. Reliable sellers on eBay offer gorgeous peacock fabrics from designers such as Hyde Park, Allison Jane Smith, Northcott, Timeless Treasures, and Robert Kaufman in bundles or yardage that they cut to order for your needs. Imagine the elegance of peacock plumage complementing your home decor, printed on various fabrics like silk, chiffon, and cotton bejeweled with metallic etching. Bring the timeless beauty and grace of the peacock into your home with shimmering fabrics in lavender, turquoise, nutmeg, jade, or any hues that suit your taste.

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