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Sun Printing on Fabric


Sun Painting or Heliographic Art is a process whereby certain fabric paints are applied to fabric and while still wet, objects like stencils, leafs, feathers etc are placed onto the wet fabric. It is then placed in the sun. the outlines of the objects are transferred to the fabric. Setacolor Fabric Paint is what we recommend, the Transparent colors only.


1) Machine wash your fabric to remove sizing, then thoroughly dry and iron smooth.
2) Mix all colors (2 parts water to 1 part paint) Be sure to mix enough paint ahead of time!
3) Gather supplies: foam brushes, paints, saIt, and any items to be used to create designs like natural items).
4) Spread fabric over a smooth waterproof board and wet it with clean water using a foam brush or spray bottle. Once wet the material will "stick" to the smooth, waterproof painting surface.


It is best to use 100% white cotton fabric. A blend of cotton and svnthetic (containing at least 50% cotton) will give you good results but the colors will be less vibrant and the design not as resistant to washing. For best results place the fabric on a smooth piece of plastic or a board covered with plastic to prepare and paint. Then the board may be easily taken outdoors for the sun printing to occur. For an easy solution try taping a garbage bag to a solid piece of cardboard or plywood.

1) Apply the predominant color first using a foam brush and long smooth painting strokes. Remember to leave unpainted (white) areas for the other colors.
2) Apply the second color (complimentary color) using a clean foam brush. If you plan to use a 3rd color remember to leave some small white spaces!
3) Lastly, apply the third color (if desired). Apply it in the small white areas remaining and also in small areas on top of the other two colors.


To get more "blending" of the colors apply more water to the fabric before painting. For less blending, apply less water or leave about 1/2 inch between colors. They will move together as they "spread" across the wet fabric. Be sure to paint the entire surface with color - areas remaining white will not print a design image. Normally the results are more favorable if 2 or 3 colors are used. Too many colors on the same piece may result in undesirable effects.

1) Once the entire piece of cotton fabric is painted, quickly arrange Patterns and natural items onto the piece of fabric.
2) With your finger you should carefully push the patterns tight against the fabric (since the fabric is wet they should almost "stick" to the surface).
3) If desired you can now place the Setacolor Soleil Salt onto the fabric. Simply place, toss or spread the salt onto the fabric's surface (it does not take much salt to create this effect - a few grains are sufficient!)

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