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Velvetene Lawn

Saltene GrassSaltene Grass

Characteristics of Saltene Grass

Saltene lawn is a bit of a tough guy. It has a fine leaf, can be cut to high quality with a cylinder mower like a Couch or a Zoysia lawn, but it's no princess. The structure of Saltene lawn is rugged and durable, it will thrive with minimal lawn care where other lawn types may fail, and its name is no mistake, it is the most salt tolerant grass available as a turf variety for our homes.

The toughness of Saltene lawn means sharp mower blades are a must, and mower blades may need to be sharpened just a little more often than for some of the softer leaf lawns. This grass also retains a good green colour throughout the year. It is versatile in its lawn mowing heights, accepting both low and high settings, however, it can be prone to thatch up quickly.

With all this said, how should the home owner evaluate this lawn grass as suitable for their own home environment?

Basically, it can be easily said that Saltene lawn may possibly not be a first choice for home owners for most suburban lawns (just my own thoughts), however, when nothing else works, or when a high salt environment is present, such as living by the sea, or a tough as nails lawn choice is needed, Saltene lawn is a saviour that can look great and resist damage under otherwise trying circumstances.

Herbicide Warning:
Saltene lawn belongs to the Paspalum family, if the lawn becomes infested with Paspalum Weed, chemical treatment in the form of poisons must not be used. The same poison that kills the weed, will kill the lawn. Consult a Professional Weed Spraying Contractor for your weed spraying requirements if you’re unsure.

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