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Brocade is a company known for its storage networking. Since its first products hit the market in 1997, Brocade has been focused on providing the lowest latency, highest bandwidth, and most secure specialized products for its customers. Part of this journey as a storage networking company has been ensuring that the most recent and relevant technologies are available to customers, who have come to trust Brocade. This technology includes the 6th generation of Fibre Channel products at 32 Gbps and since 2008 has included IP/Ethernet switches. Within the Ethernet space, Brocade has put a major focus on the data center and in particular within the Enterprise and SMB markets to ensure that customers can have easy-to-use products that meet their needs, including the choice of VCS (L2/L3) or IP fabric (L3) architectures on the same hardware platform.

Brocade VCS fabrics are designed to be rapidly deployed and easily managed to address the large discrepancy between the purchase price of networking equipment and its cost to manage. According to information that Dell has provided to
SDX Central, customer spending is tilted 9:1 toward managing a network after purchasing it. That means that for every $1 spent on a switch, the average company pays $9 to maintain it over its lifetime.

Brocade VCS Fabric technology addresses this discrepancy by simplifying network management through technologies that abstract and automate deployment and management of network resources. For any administrator who has managed a network with spanning tree, there are many lessons to be learned before you can be confident that it will behave as expected. Brocade VCS fabrics are based on TRILL (RFCs 6325–6327) and address the problems with L2 networks by adding an L3-style shortest path first algorithm and naming service at Layer 2. This capability allows all links to be active and provides redundancy, decreased flooding, and increased bandwidth. To understand what TRILL does and why it exists, we must first understand Layer 2 networks and their inherent issues.

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