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Iridescent Silk Chiffon fabrics

red silk dupioniFrom India, our 100% silk shantung and silk dupioni fabrics have a wonderful sheen, a nubby texture and brilliant color. Perfect for silk dress fabrics, and home decorating, these fabrics are 100% silk. Offered here in a variety of brilliant colors with plenty of sheen and glow with rich depth of color. For garment patterns, silk drapes and home decor projects. Often the warp and weft are different colors giving a iridescent effect. Silk dupioni is 45" wide, Silk Shantung fabrics are 54"wide and has a smoother texture, and the same brilliant color.

1/2 yard minimum on all fabrics, enter as .5- any quantity entered less than 1/2 yard will delay shipment.

Poppy- Bright Red Silk dupioni fabric. Both warp and weft are rich bright red. Silk dupioni glows with vibrancy and texture.

  • Fiber Content-100% Silk
  • Width-44 inches
  • Sold out
  • Swatch-No swatch available

brown silk shantungSilk dupioni fabric Coconut. Rich, coppery brown Silk dupioni fabric.

  • Last 2 1/8 yard piece .50

Vibrant Silk dupioni fabric Coin-glowing gold Silk dupioni fabric- warp and weft of this 100% silk fabric are different colors.

  • Currently sold out

Silk dupioni fabric~ Bud green silk dupioni fabric color Bud-Beautiful emerald green silk dupioni fabric with black cross threads, warp and weft are different colors.

  • Price-$21.00 per yard

Silk dupioni fabric~ color Peacock turquoise with purple cross threads, warp and weft are different colors.

Silk dupioni fabric~ color Marine, silk dupioni fabric Cobalt blue colored with magenta cross threads, warp and weft are different colors.

copper silk dupioni fabricStone Blue silk shantung. Blue Silk shantung fabric, medium blue with black undertones.

  • Width- 56 inches wide
  • Swatch-$1.00

Copper Silk shantung fabric, with a copper warp and a cobalt blue weft, iridescent silk fabric.

Light Green Silk shantung fabric. Light green silk dupioni fabric, pale green with soft glow.

  • Price-$31.00 per yard

Chinese Red Silk shantung fabric. Silk shantung has a smooth texture and a sophisticated sheen.

Garnet Red Silk dupioni fabric. Deep red, elegant silk fabric.

  • Price-.00 per yard
  • Swatch-.00

green silk dupioni fabricOtter Silk Shantung fabric. Iridescent colored Silk dupioni fabric, olive green warp with a orange weft, creating a copper colored iridescent silk fabric.

Apricot Silk dupioni fabric, with a pale orange warp and pink weft, creating a luminescent coral colored iridescent silk fabric.

Fair trade silk fabrics have a lightweight, sheer finish that is handwoven in Cambodia by artisans who have perfected the blending of colors and textures into luxurious silk fabrics

  • Width-35 inches

Champagne Silk dupioni fabric, ivory silk fabric. Silk shantung has a smooth texture and a sophisticated sheen. Great for bridal wear.

Bridal White silk shantung fabric. Perfect for that special day, smooth and matte shine, pure silk cannot be substituted for its elegance.Silk shantung dyes beautifully for a custom look.

Phantom Black silk shantung fabric. Jet black warp and weft. Silk shantung has a smooth texture and a sophisticated sheen.

peacock blue silk dupioni fabric blue silk dupioni Blue silk dupioni fabric copper/ blue silk shantung fabric

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