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Cotton textile Mills

H.P. Cotton Textile Mills Limited is an India-based company, which is engaged in manufacturing of thread. The Company also exports cotton specialty yarns and cotton sewing threads. Its product range includes Crocheta Crochet Threads, Peecock Hand Knitting Yarn, Embroidery Threads, Lace Threads, Patchwork and Quiliting Threads, Kite Flying Thread and Cotton Sewing Threads. It offers its products for a range of domestic and industrial applications. The Company produces two types of threads, including sewing threads and hosiery yarn. It offers products in a range of compositions, yarn thicknesses, strengths, sizes, shapes, twists, make-up, packaging and a palette of colors. The Company's manufacturing plant at Hisar, processes raw fiber into a finished and packaged product, with a manufacturing capacity of 4.8 million kilograms per year. Its plant includes combing integrated with autoconers, gas-singeing, hank-winding, and finishing facility for balling and spooling, among others.

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Cotton textile factory
Cotton textile factory

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