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Knit or Crochet CollageCrochet has its own stitches, patterns, styles and textures, but crochet addicts sometimes want to produce fabrics that look traditionally knitted. If, like me, you're not very good with two needles, why not do some crochet that looks like knitting?

1. Back loop only crochet stitches

I tend to favor the single crochet back loop only, which is usually abbreviated to scblo in patterns. This produces a neat and stretchy rib.

This form of the sc is easy to work: If you look at the top of a row of sc stitches, you will see two loops. The loop nearest to you is the front loop, the one farthest from you is the back loop.

To make a scblo, insert your hook in between the front and back loops so that it goes into the back loop only; then, work a standard sc. It takes a bit of practice, but once you have made one small sample you will love it!

Strip of crochet that looks like knitting sc ribYou can work a hdc into the back loops only, producing a slightly wider rib that works well with DK or worsted yarn. It's possible to make dc stitches in the back loops only too, but the ribs are more spaced out and the fabric is not as stretchy. But why not experiment? It might be perfect for something you have in mind.

2. Waistcoat stitch

I recently discovered this crochet stitch in a vintage crochet book I bought from a second-hand bookshop. It really appealed to me because it looks so much like knitted stockinette.

The stitch is another variation on the single crochet, made by inserting your hook into the lower V of the stitch and working in rounds. It creates a dense crochet fabric that is perfect for bags, as it looks good on the wrong side too.

I made this rainbow tote bag using waistcoat stitch for the main body of the bag. My own blog has a detailed tutorial for waistcoat stitch and the full pattern for the tote bag.

The pattern for these matching faux knit fingerless mittens also includes the waistcoat stitch tutorial and how to do sable and reverse single crochet. The pattern is available here on Craftsy.

Crochet that looks like knitting sc blo3. Slip stitch crochet: Shepherd's knitting

This is another fairly simple way to achieve a knitted look but it does take quite a bit of time to make progress as you just work in rounds of slip stitch. This ancient stitch may have gotten its name after being used by shepherds in Scotland and Scandinavia 300 years ago. Not only does it look like knitting, but it also produces a dense, warm crochet fabric ideal for mittens, scarves and hats.

This free headband pattern by Craftsy member grannysquaredontcare uses slip stitching to produce a simple crocheted headband that looks both knitted and stylish.

4. Crochet cables using front and back post stitches

The first few examples are really easy to master, why not challenge yourself? To crochet items that look like they have knitted cable stitches, you need to learn front post and back post stitches.

You can put the stitches through their paces and really see their potential in these patterns, also available right here on Craftsy.

Crochet Cable Sampler Dishcloths

The pattern for this set of three cable sampler dishcloths is a great first project to try out cable stitches and produce crochet fabric that looks like knitting — and sophisticated knitting at that.

The Snowberry Cables Afghan

Once you are more confident with crochet cables, you could tackle something like this. The pattern is definitely an advanced project, but the crochet texture really does look like knitting. Plus, it's a one-color project — so you'll have only a handful of pesky ends to weave in.

Crochet that looks like knitting waistcoat stitch stockinette Rainbow tote bag crochet that looks like knitting reversible Rainbow tote bag crochet that looks like knitting Fingerless gloves crochet that looks like knitting

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