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Sewing stretch Knit Fabrics

I am often asked about knits, and the infamous ‘Wavy Seam Syndrome’.

Up until recently, my advice hasn’t been all that fantastic. Let’s see, there is sewing with a ball point needle. Sew using your serger (if you have one), or a zig zag stitch. If you must do a straight stitch, always sew on a long stitch. And of course, sew very carefully – being sure NOT to pull the fabric through. Know the stretch of your fabric (horizontal or vertical or both). A walking foot can help to keep from having wavy seams as well. Sew with an interlock knit if you are a beginner, as these are the best to learn on.

And so on. All basic information which you can find anywhere. And don’t get me wrong, very helpful! They helped me all this time (especially if you don’t have a serger, that zig zag stitch rocks!).

Well recently I figured out just about the coolest bit of information EVER when it comes to knits. I am not kidding you, it will change your sewing with knits life.
You will go from this:

(Typing late at night is another story *sigh*)

To this, in a matter of minutes:

Are you ready? It is pretty freakin’ simple.

Tissue paper.

You know, the kind that comes in clothing boxes? Stock up on it. Stop throwing it away. And treasure it for-ever. Consider it your new best friend.

Simply put it underneath your knit while you are feeding it through the machine – and voila! Of course, you should still sew using a long straight stitch (or zig zag, whatever your fancy) – but the seems come out pretty darned flawless. It gives it just enough stabilizing that it helps the knit feed through beautifully. And when you are done, simply pull the tissue paper away from your project. You may need to pick a few extra pieces stuck under your stitches – but it is well worth the little bit of time you need to do it.

So now you know. It is amazing, it is awesome, and I am pretty sure it is going to rock your world about as much as it did mine.

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