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This week I was introduced to the concept of “ikigai.”

Ikigai is the Japanese term for “a reason for being, ” similar to the French expression “raison d’etre.” Ikigai is the first in our hearts, what gets us out of bed each morning, gives us the strength to see each day, because we have and know our purpose clearly.

Ikigai lies at the intersection of passion, mission, profession, and vocation. It asks us to ponder over four simple questions, in order to find our center:

  1. What do I love?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What cause do I believe in?
  4. What do people value and pay me for?

(I do believe that one can find their ikigai without money playing into the equation, however for me, my ikigai is definitely tied into creating a sustainable and fulfilling life for my family and myself).

Four simple questions that I found quite tricky to answer! After a few hours of journaling (and doodling), here’s what I’ve discovered, or mostly, what I’ve been able to reaffirm.

1. What do I love?

I love knitting and designing. I love the process of transforming my yarn into something beautiful and functional. I also love running a business/brand—I find learning about marketing, branding, and everything that goes into creating a sustainable brand to be really engaging and interesting. It’s also extremely satisfying to be your own boss—to experience both the setbacks and the triumphs.

I love giving and spoiling my tribe with knowledge, support, and gifts. Since they’ve given so much to me, I try to do as much as I can to give back.

2. What am I good at?

To be blunt, I’m good at getting s**t done. I may not have the most creative mind, but once I have a plan, I know I have the work ethic to get it done. I’ve discovered that I’m good at motivating and inspiring people to take action and step outside their comfort zone, while providing a safe and low-stress environment. I’m good at helping people understand things they didn’t know before, and at setting the foundation work, and being clear, concise and complete (or at least making sure I am!).

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