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Rayon process

  • Mechanochemical Route to the Conducting Polymer Polyaniline


Huang, Moore, Acquaye and Kaner

2005 38 (2), pp 317–321

Abstract: A solvent-free mechanochemical route for the synthesis of polyaniline has been developed. Reactions between anilinium salts, such as anilinium chloride, anilinium sulfate, and anilinium camphorsulfonic acid and the oxidant, ammonium peroxydisulfate...

  • Temperature dependence of errors in parameters derived from Van't Hoff studies

Journal of Chemical Education

Dec and Gill

1985 62 (10), p 879

Abstract: Applying the method of Clarke and Glew to high-precision gas solubility data as an example that serves to illustrate how one can determine various thermodynamic parameters and their associated errors at various temperatures.

  • A simplified preparation of Schweitzer's reagent

1942 19 (8), p 356

  • Investigating the Cuprammonium Rayon Process in a High School Laboratory
Pickard and Harris

1999 76 (11), p 1512

Abstract: We have found the cuprammonium rayon process to be an excellent system for high school independent study. Meeting twice a week provided time for the student-teacher investigation to result in a productive year of study. One can study the shift of the ...

  • Cellulose Solvents – Remarkable History, Bright FutureACS Symposium Series
  • Cellulose Solvents – Remarkable History, Bright Future


    ACS Symposium Series , pp 3–54

    Abstract: The paper summarizes different approaches for the dissolution of cellulose and the use of these cellulose solutions for analysis, regeneration, and homogeneous modification of the polymer. Aqueous and non-aqueous solvents, melts, and soluble cellulose ...

  • Production of Vinyl Acetate—Butyl Acrylate Copolymer Latexes of Narrow Particle Size DistributionACS Symposium Series
  • Production of Vinyl Acetate—Butyl Acrylate Copolymer Latexes of Narrow Particle Size Distribution

    Vandezande and Rudin

    ACS Symposium Series , pp 114–133

    Abstract: There are many effects of reaction variables on the particle size and size distribution of vinyl acetate / butyl acrylate copolymer latexes. A monomer starved feed method was used to produce narrow particle size distribution (PSD) latexes of homogeneous ...

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