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Nylon Manufacturers


F.T.C. Definition: A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymide having recurring amide groups (-NH-CO-) as an integral part of the polymer chain.

Nylon is manufactured by combining the monomers hexamethylene diamine and adipic acid in methanol to give nylon salts. The nylon salt is then dissolved in water and acidified to cause polymerization.

Next, the polymer is washed and dried to prepare it for spinning. The dried polymer is ground into chips, melted and forced through a spinnerette. In the next stage, the nylon fibers are heated rapidly and stretched about 4 times in the original length. This orients and aligns the molecules which profoundly increases strength. This also affects modulus and thermal shrinkage. This process describes the manufacure of nylon 6, 6 which is used by Beaver. Other types of nylons manufactured are 6, nylon 11 and nylon 610. These nylons vary the monomers used to obtain different physical characteristics. The actual manufacturing of the different nylons is done in the same fashion of nylon 6, 6.


WATER: Not significantly affected by immersion in water. Loses some tenacity, but regains it when dry. Standard moisture regain 4.5%.
HEAT: Resistant to dry heat. Affected by prolonged temperatures of 180° C, melts at 250°C. When nylon burns, it tends to melt away from the flame. Nylon is somewhat self-extinguishing, but burns in bulk.
ACIDS: Good resistance. Will disintegrate on heating with concentrated acids. Soluble in 80% acetic acid at boil. Soluble in formic acid at room temperature.
ALKALIS: Resistant.
SOLVENTS: Not affected by standard hydrocarbons, aromatic or cholorinated solvents. Soluble in phenosis, especially meta-cresol. Soluble in di-methyl formamide.

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