Nylon Swimsuit

Shopping for competition swimsuits can be confusing, especially if you don't what you're looking for. To best select a swimsuit, you must first determine the right fabric. Each material feels and fits differently in the water, so it is important to choose the right fabric to fit your needs. This guide will explain the pros, cons, and purposes of each competition suit fabric.


- Ideal for drag suits and training suits.
- Very common fabric in swimwear.
- Often blended with Spandex for elasticity.

- Offers a lightweight, smooth fit.
- One of the strongest manufactured fibers.
- Quick-drying and low-water absorbency.
- Lower-cost.

- Has poor resistance to prolonged sun exposure, so fabric will fade and fray. (To help, rinse with cool, fresh water after each use.).

Suit Pictured: Sporti Solid Piped Thin Strap Swimsuit


- Ideal for competition suits.
- Competitive swimsuits should contain higher percent of spandex.
- Also known as Elastane or as brand name LYCRA®.

- Form-fitting fit.
- Mid-range cost.
- Commonly used because of durable elasticity.
- Excellent elasticity and stretch, so even a small amount is vital for swimsuits.

- Can be itchy if not blended with other fabrics.
- Does not hold up well in chlorine. Rinse with cool, fresh water after each use.

Suit Pictured: Speedo Women's Learn To Swim Pro LT Superpro Swimsuit

Xtra Life LYCRA®

- Ideal for competition suits.
- Often blended with other fabrics.

- Longer-lasting than LYCRA® Spandex.
- Comfortable material.
- Retains color and shape.
- Chorine-resistant.
- Stronger elasticity than Spandex/LYCRA®.

- More expensive cost.

Suit Pictured: Sporti Micro Back Swimsuit


- Ideal for fitness and competition suits.
- Best for outdoor swimming.
- PBT stands for polybutylene terephthalate, a texturized polyester.
- Often blended with Polyester.

- Cost-effective and durable.
- Chlorine- and heat-resistant.
- Great stretch and elasticity, similar to spandex.
- Quick-drying and low-water absorbency.

- More expensive cost.

Suit Pictured: Arena Adult Madison Swim-Pro Back


- Ideal for competition suits.
- Durable alternative to Spandex.

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