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Organic cotton printed fabric

At print-fabric-cotton, we are constantly testing and experimenting to improve the colour matching and print quality of your custom designed fabric. As a result, we sometimes look for a fabric that prints better with more consistent results.

One of the fabrics we first offered was Modal Lycra – a fabric which has a soft stretchy feel. Unfortunately, we found that we weren’t getting the colour reproductions that we were looking for.

In an attempt to better serve our customers, we have switched to an Organic Cotton Interlock. The cotton interlock is just as soft to the touch, if not softer, making it great for clothing. It has a slight stretch of 40% across the grain and the colour reproduction we are seeing is very good.

Also, because the Organic Cotton Interlock is organic, it is washable in cold water, making it an excellent eco-conscious choice not only for our customers, but for your end user as well.

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