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– Spandex, the one-stop supplier of innovative solutions to the sign, architectural and display industries, has expanded its family of ImagePerfect materials with the launch of two new products aimed at the interior decor marketplace. Both enhance the existing range of ImagePerfect products and offer exceptional time and cost savings to end users, making them perfect for the busy interior designer.

ImagePerfectTM 2420 ETU Wallpaper

The ImagePerfectTM 2420 ETU (Easy to Use) Wallpaper is a washable, non-woven paper with high opacity and a smooth surface, ideal for many different wall decoration applications in sectors such as retail, education, leisure, office and event. It has been designed with an inherent water-activated paste that enables it to be quickly and easily hung, reducing costs and eliminating challenges associated with the more traditional method of applying wallpaper with paste.

Once activated, the pre-coated paper allows the installer to easily position it on the substrate, but when dry it develops a solid bond that has the same performance levels as a conventional paper and paste system.

As is typical of the Spandex IP wallpapers, it has a higher level of dimensional stability than would normally be found in other printable wallpapers on the market, and provides exceptional print quality and text definition over a large colour gamut. Unlike other options that must be applied with an overlap to compensate for any shrinkage or pull back that can happen once the paper has been applied to the substrate, IP 2420 ETU Wallpaper can be applied with the panels side-by-side. Its dimensional stability ensures that there is no subsequent movement.

Able to be used on a wide variety of substrates including painted or plastered walls, the product simply needs to be dipped in a tray of water before being applied direct in a fast, easy and clean process. This also enables a huge time saving – in the region of 50% – for the installer.

ImagePerfectTM 2557 Clear Graphics

ImagePerfect 2557 is another highly versatile product, perfect for branding and advertising opportunities as well as privacy screening. The whole look of a room can be quickly and simply transformed by enhancing a glazed area (window, glass panel or mirror) with this printable, highly transparent film, making it ideal for use in the retail, office, leisure and event sectors, as well as in the automotive industry.

IP 2557 enables vibrant images to be printed over a large colour gamut ensuring a colourful end result, taking into account that any unprinted areas on the product will allow for a clear view, removing the need for cutting complex shapes. Both decorative and functional special effects such as frosting can also be created with white and silver inks and one way vision is also possible.

The product is supported on a polyester liner that helps prevent static discharge and enhances the clarity of the material in application. Suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, IP 2557 is manufactured from PVC and has the added advantage of durability and flexibility over its PET counterparts. This makes it ideal for longer lasting applications (up to eight years if applied on standard window substrates) and for use on both flat and curved surfaces. The images produced are also much more vibrant because of the ink load it can maintain.

Both IP 2420 and IP 2557 have been specially designed for digital printing on large format inkjet printers and can be used with eco solvent and solvent inks as well as UV cured and latex inks.

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