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Name Silkworm
Rarity 999
Properties Wrenchable
No Seed
Texture Type No spread
Collision Type No collision
Hardness 42 (7 hits to destroy)
Grow Time 1h
Seed Style 10 / 4 / 2 / 4
Seed Color #d9d9d9
Overlay Color #60c42e

A cute little pet for you to feed and care for! They'll eat almost anything, but don't forget to give them water too. Use your wrench to change your pet's name.

An Inappropriate Name Will Be Deleted And Silkworm Will Be Gone

Available in Store
Silkworm ( 7000 )
It's the newest cuddly pet from GrowTech Pharma! Thanks to genetic engineering, you can now raise your own giant mutant silkworm. They'll eat almost any food, but don't forget to give them water too! And if they get sick, you'll need to have some Antidotes on hand. Warning: Silkworms are living creatures. They will not live forever! Take good care of them and enjoy them while you can. Not available any other way!

Aditional Information

The Silkworm is the first pet in Growtopia, it comes in many different types of colors. When you place the Silkworm, it will be of a random color.

A Silkworm will lay 1-10 Silk Thread once a day once it reached Maturation (Takes one day). You can change its color by using consumables like Tomatoes, or Blueberries. If the color of the Silkworm is pure, it will lay 1-10 Silk Thread of the corresponding color. You can use a Sewing Machine to make items.

If the Silkworm is Thirsty, use Water Buckets, Coffee, or Milk to remove the status.

If you feed the Silkworm too much food or liquid, it will say "Stuffed full!" You can also use items like Devil Horns and Golden Halo to put on your silkworm until it is harvested.

A Silkworm will live for a maximum of 20 days, but some glitches show death at 50-75 days.

Using a Spike Juice or a Experience Potion will give the "Supercharged" Mod, which means that the next harvest will give 10 Silk.

Note : Milk is a good way to feed a worm. It will remove both Thirsty and Hungry status, but changes the color of the Silkworm to White.

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