When Your Clothes Smell Like

Viscose sweat

You! Yes, you. The one who looks like you have a downpour going on underneath your cloth. You don't want to be a chalta-phirta Cherrapunji. Do you?

Then listen up. We're here to guide you through this trying time called 'summer'. I know how hard it is for you to live through the constant embarrassment of perspiration proudly making its mark on your dress like the medals on a decorated officer's outfit. But you're not alone! This article is just for people like you (and me) who've been living life under the constant fear of sweat-shame. I want you to know that there is a vast community of like-bodied people in the cosmos, searching the internet for the same thing like you are.

I also want you to know that summer isn't going anywhere, but from 29 degree Celsius to 45 degree Celsius. So, you better keep reading.
I ain't no saviour, but I believe it is time for the sweaty people to come together for a quest to find the best fabric to wear during summer. By which, I mean a fabric you can sweat as much as you like without being noticed and sweat-shamed. Because let's get real, sweating is a struggle for people with hyper active sweat glands. Imagine this situation, which FYI is a true story, where you want to sit somewhere nice and dry, but fear getting back up because your bottom decides to hold a general assessment meet of the sweat in your body at the very place where you rested your bottom. How convenient!
But this is it. It's time to say no to all such kinds of embarrassing situations and enjoy summer like designer Rimzim Dadu in "anything oversized cotton." #summergoals
While for AM:PM, summer is all about " fresh, vibrant clothing; for Pero's Aneeth Arora summer is 'challenging', being restricted to simple, minimal clothing. But one thing every designer agrees with is: COTTON. It's the go-to fabric of summer for the designers. Want to know which fabric comes second(and third and fourth) to cotton? We spoke to designers Rimzim Dadu, AM:PM, Pero's Aneeth Arora, Anamika Khanna, 11.11/eleven eleven, Payal Khandwala and Saiesta to find out the best and the worst fabrics to wear in summer.

"It is the go-to fabric of all times!" tells Rimzim Dadu

It is one of the oldest manufactured fibers. "Synthetic clothes are not good for human skin. They are the worst fabric to wear during the summer, " Shani Himanshu of 11.11/eleven eleven

"It's a great fabric for summers, keeps one cool. But make sure to wear it to the right occasion, as it creases and gets crushed very easily, " explains Rimzim


"It's good for summer and winter, but ideal for humid weather, " Sonal Abrol

"Certain silks like light chiffons are great for evenings, but one should stay away from heavy silks, " Rimzim

"Wear polyester clothing in the evenings when it is relatively cooler, " Rimzim

Cotton jerseys are perfect

"Avoid teaming crisp fabrics like Chanderi and linen with draped fabrics like georgette, " Kunal Tanna

Not ideal for summer but choose the right silhouette

Chanderi sarees are perfect for summer. They are light, easy and come in amazing colours

Blended Fabric
"Keep the silhouettes easy and non-fitted, " Ankur and Priyanka Modi of AM:PM

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