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Chiffon Fabric definition


1. A plain-woven fabric of sheer silk, cotton, or rayon.

2. Ornamental accessories, such as ribbons or laces, for women's clothing.


1. Of, relating to, or resembling the fabric chiffon.

2. Made light and fluffy by the addition of beaten egg whites or gelatin: a lemon chiffon pie.

[French, rag, scrap, ornamental piece of ribbon or lace, from chiffe, rag, alteration (influenced by Old French chifre, zero, thing of little value) of Old French chipe, from Middle English chip, chip, wood shaving; see chip1.]


(ʃɪˈfɒn; ˈʃɪfɒn)

1. (Textiles) a fine transparent or almost transparent plain-weave fabric of silk, nylon, etc

2. (often plural) rare feminine finery


3. (Textiles) made of chiffon

4. (Cookery) (of soufflés, pies, cakes, etc) having a very light fluffy texture

[C18: from French, from chiffe rag; probably related to chip]

ˈchiffony adj


(ʃɪˈfɒn, ˈʃɪf ɒn)


1. a sheer fabric of silk, nylon, or rayon.

2. an ornamental ribbon, lace, etc., for a woman's dress.


3. made of chiffon fabric.

4. (of pies, cakes, etc.) having a light, fluffy texture, as from the addition of beaten egg whites.

[1755–65; < French, =chiffe rag (< Arabic shiff sheer fabric) + -on n. suffix]

- First a fabric, then a type of pie.

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