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ZAAZEE describe one of the key features of their activewear as supreme stretch - thanks to the SUPPLEX and elastane fabric - for an optimum fit and comfort.ZaaZEsE describe one of the key features of their activewear as supreme stretch - thanks to the SUPPLEX and elastane fabric - for an optimum fit and comfort.TIGGY TIGHTS THESE navy organic cotton and elastane tights have a snowflake pattern with a cute polar bear on the bottom - great for showing off while crawlingin weight with up to 2% elastane and a super soft handfeel-to create the ultimate in wearable denim.The jacket is 96 percent polyester and 4 percent elastane, and the sleeves and hood will zip off for conversion into a vest.YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 At a loss 9 Outdo 10 Stair 11 Orleans 12 Die 13 Crotchet 16 Chop-chop 17 Ass 19 Saracen 21 Litre 22 Edict 23 Strange DOWN: 1Wayside 2 Nazareth 3 Boor 4 Foolscap 5 Etna 6 Poise 8 Show of hands 13 Capacity 14 Elastane 15 Ushered 18 Ashen 20 Ruin 21 Lyre QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Shipbuilder 8 Ate 9 Lap 11 Peasant 12 Pasty 13 Amp 14 Eel 15 Trouble 17 Tow 19 Vein 21 Area 23 Obey 25 Acre 27 Ewe 29 Faculty 31 Opt 34 Cud 36 Moral 37 Release 38 Ali 39 Fed 40 Empty nester DOWN: 1 Stem 2 Heap 3 Prairie 4 Untrue 5 Lapel 6 Else 7 Rate 8 Apart 10 Pylon 16 Eve 18War 20 Eye 22 Ref 24 Bottles 25 Aroma 26 Fun run 28 Ended 30 Allot 32 Pole 33 Trim 34 Cafe 35 UserThey are 75% organic cotton, 24% nylon, and one percent elastane.EcoLASTANE will develop a high quality, 70%-100% bio-based synthetic textile fibres (bio-based elastane and polyester) by optimising an industrial technology that starting from lignocellulosic feedstocks (wood, crop residues, etc) produces 100% bio-based chemicals (furfural, HMF, THF and FDCA).The UA Ridge Reaper 23 Jacket is also Storm1-water-resistant, and is made of 96/4 percent polyester and elastane, respectively.QUALITY: "Even with elastane, this will lose its shape after a few wears.Products are made solely of natural materials, where small content of elastane is admitted.Made with a mix of elastane and nylon it is designed to create a slender silhouette when worn under clothes and is said to be comfy enough to be worn in bed.

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