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This yarn really is so soft. I use it to make reusable face puffs for applying toner and it feel so lovely against my skin, not irritating in the least. Big fan. Have tried other cottons and always come back to this one.

I LOVE this yarn. I knitted a baby blanket for my daughter just before her birth in January 2016. It's soft, warm but breathable, and has held up incredibly well for almost 6 months. It has a bit of stretch to it which makes it perfect for swaddling. It has seen its far share of spit up and diaper explosions and launders with ease. I even but it in the dryer on low. Thanks for such a great product that's now part of my sweetest memories of my baby girl.

This is a very nice yarn. I purchased some when there were more colors available and really liked it. Cheryl, it's the natural color of cotton, which isn't a bright white. The only bright white you will get with cotton yarn will be because it is bleached to make it that way. This yarn isn't bleached or dyed. Cotton comes in several colors naturally, but those will vary as well since it isn't dyed to make the colors consistent, but is something that keeps the organic look and feel of the yarn. I do wish that Knit Picks still offered it in the different colors. Hopefully in the future they will offer them again. :)

This yarn is wonderful. We've started a family tradition of "all babies get one" and its knitted by mom, grandma and great grandma. When great grandma passed it still continued and I've stocked up some for the next few babies to come. Washes fabulously and the kids love them. So soft, so cuddly.

LOVE this yarn.years ago it came in 4 colors which were beautiful.would be great if you could expand this line.i'd buy every color offered!

Please please please bring back the colors of this yarn. This yarn is super soft, durable, and very absorbent. It's my favorite cotton anywhere. I would be very willing to pay more if that's what it takes to keep it in stock.

Super soft and does not split like other organic cotton yarns I've tried. I especially appreciate the natural color and that, not only is the yarn organic, but it is free of bleach, chemicals and dyes. This is the perfect yarn for anyone with skin sensitivities, too.

I expected white yarn and this is definately not white. It's more of a cream. Still going to make the baby blanket with it but I'm a little disappointed in the color.

This yarn is simply wonderful. It feels very soft. I have been using the iDye packets to colour them and they dye up beautifully (a quarter-packet or less will dye two skeins most vividly but requires a separate fixer) and the munite variations in the undyed wool look lovely after being dyed. If you've always wished for a cotton yarn in less tacky colours available in stores, user this and dye it yourself. It's awesome!

I absolutely adore this yarn. The name "marshmallow" is extremely apt - this yarn is soft and squishy, just like a marshmallow! I'm currently crocheting a baby blanket for my cousin's first child with this, and I've crocheted some reusable makeup remover pads. Everything feels amazing against the skin and is easy to wash. I try to keep extra of this stashed at all times, just in case!

This is the absolute best organic cotton yarn on the market, best price and can be machine washed and dried which is fantastic for baby items. I base a huge part of my business on this yarn and I just love how soft and durable it is.

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