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The present paper elucidates the study on finishing of single jersey PC fabric devoid of heat setting. 140 grams per square meters (GSM) single jersey PC (65% cotton and 35% polyester) blended knit fabric was prepared by circular knitting machine and divided into two categories. The processing and finishing of one group of fabric samples was carried out by heat setting and another one was performed without heat setting. The bursting strength of without heat set fabric was slightly higher than the heat set polyester cotton blended fabric. However, the pilling of polyester cotton blended fabric was faintly better in case of heat set samples. Although, heat set fabric exhibited better outcomes for shrinkage and spirality compared to non heat set fabric, still both results were within the acceptable limit (±5%). Furthermore, it can be seen from the revealed data that the washing fastness and rubbing fastness properties were not significantly influenced by the heat set process on finished fabric. No distinction was noticed in hand feeling for both types of fabrics.

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