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Organic cotton fabric Canada

We are a small family operated business located in Iroquois, ON – which is located right near the CANADA/US (upstate NY) border. We have a passion for organic textiles and supplies and want to share this with our customers. We bring in only the best organic textiles and supplies sourced from around the world.

We have one of the largest selections and best pricing of natural organic textiles online – featuring bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, soy and lyocell (and blend of these textiles).

We have a large selection of organic cotton designer prints from – Cloud9 Fabrics, Birch Fabrics & Monaluna. As well as organic cotton knits from The Collection by Simplifi Fabric, Nosh, Paapii Designs & Saari Ahokainen (Finland).

We have a huge selection of diaper making supplies including our “Simple Solid PUL”, “Simple Chevron PUL” and other PUL print collections.

From muslin and canvas to fleece, velour, terry and interlock, PUL and everything in between we have you covered!!

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