Brushed Cotton Twill fabric

Happy Customers!The first thing to understand when trying to get a good grasp on what exactly is cotton twill fabric is to first understand what "twill" itself is. Twill simply refers to the type of weaving pattern used when constructing the fabric. In the case of twill that weaving pattern is a series of diagonal, parallel ribs. These diagonal, parallel ribs give the fabric a very durable and attractive quality.

There are many benefits to a twill style fabric. For example due to the pattern of the thread, twill cloth shows much less dirt and staining than a regular, sheer fabric cloth would with the same amount of use and wear. Twill is also better able to resist, as well as recover easily from, wrinkles and creases. Plus the pattern of twill naturally gives it an appealing, interesting look. As already stated another huge benefit of twill is that it increases the sturdiness of the fabric.

Cotton Twill is a type of material that consists of cotton textile that is woven with the characteristic twill pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. Cotton twill is an extremely popular fabric for the construction of hats and other clothing. Cotton is an excellent textile when it comes to incorporating the twill pattern and it receives all the benefits discussed above. However, since the twill pattern is such a good choice for fabric it is also commonly used for many other types of fabrics such as chino, denim, tweed, gabardine, serge, and a host of others.

When it comes to clothing, cotton twill fabric is used as the fashion side of the fabric time and time again. When dealing with water-resistance, wrinkle recovery, and durability, twill performs better than plain-weave fabrics do. These great properties make it a natural choice.

Here at You Design It you will probably see the phrase “cotton twill” applied to one of our great hats. That is because hats made from cotton twill reap all the benefits discussed above. So rest assured that your cotton twill hat will be made out of top quality cotton twill fabric and will remain good looking and durable for a long time.

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