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Cotton Twill fabric Wholesale

Photography of Livia147cm wide quite white 98% cotton and 2% spandex drill with an all over black rose design not too small not too big. Just right for the sort of garment, of which I suspect it will be made.

Part number: CM1449

150 cm wide. Dark olive, fine cotton twill trousering.

Part number: 3347k

150 cm wide fabulous light green fine brushed, lightweight cotton twill over dyed in a much deeper pea green.

Part number: 3347i

Italian - A 150cm wide fairly substantial Italian made designer cotton with stretch trousering in a very delicate shade of cream.

Part number: 1891b

Photography of Pretty Tough - Cream

150 cm wide fine cotton twill trousering in a very pale blue, might even say anaemic but that’s unkind it’s just pale.

Part number: 4304

150 cm wide brightly striped cotton cloth in “deckchair stripes.” This one is in pale blue, cream, grey, dark blue and red variegated striped in a canvas weave.

Part number: 1337a

150 cm wide slightly heavier cloth in bright orange, red, yellow, green, navy blue and white multi stripe and this time in a twill weave.

Part number: 1337b

130cm wide 96% cotton 4% lycra twill trousering in black with an all over scrolley squiggly print in red, I do believe you can see the odd voodoo mask in amongst all of this.

Discount £2.50

Part number: 1338

150cm wide. Superior fine lightweight cotton twill in royal blue. from Holland

Part number: 3347g

Super fine cotton twill trousering in a cracking shade of pale peach or maybe apricot or maybe melon, the base of this cloth is white and has been died this colour which helps to keep the cloth in its very pale shade.This German cloth is fabulous in a jac

Part number: 2171

Part number: 1858a

Photography of Pick Me Up Photography of All Things Bright - Blue Photography of All Things Bright - Orange Photography of Voodoo

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